85401 plays

DJ Shadow / The Outsider


Broken Levee Blues 36 plays
Outsider Intro 23 plays
Turf Dancing (Feat. The Federation & Animaniaks) 21 plays
What Have I Done (Feat. Christina Carter) 21 plays
You Made It (Feat. Chris James) 21 plays
3 Freaks (Feat. Keak Da Sneak & Turf Talk) 20 plays
This Time (I'm Gonna Try It My Way) 20 plays
Seein' Thangs (Feat. David Banner) 19 plays
Backstage Girl (Feat. Phonte Coleman) 18 plays
Skullfuckery (Feat. The Heliocentrics) 18 plays
Erase You (Feat. Chris James) 17 plays
The Tiger (Feat. Sergio Pizzorno & Christopher Karloff) 17 plays
Triplicate/Something Happened That Day 16 plays
Artifact [Instrumental] 15 plays
Dats My Part (Feat. E-40) 15 plays
Enuff (feat. Q-Tip & Lateef the Truth Speaker) 14 plays
Keep Em Close (Feat. Nump) 11 plays
Artifact - Instrumental 7 plays
Backstage Girl 7 plays
Keep Em Close 7 plays
Skullfuckery 7 plays
The Tiger 7 plays
Triplicate/ Something Happened That Day 7 plays
Erase You 6 plays
Dats My Part 4 plays
Enuff 4 plays
Triplicate Part 3 4 plays
Enuff (Feat. Q-Tip & Lateef The Truth Speaker) 3 plays
Erase You - Long version 3 plays
Purple Grapes (Feat The Team) 2 plays
Triplicate / Something Happened That Day 2 plays
Artifact (Instrumental) 1 plays
Droop-E Drop 1 plays
What Have I done (Feat. Christina Carter) 1 plays