82602 plays

Bill Evans / Sunday At The Village Vanguard


Alice in Wonderland 18 plays
Gloria's Step 18 plays
Solar 18 plays
Jade Visions 17 plays
All of You 15 plays
My Man's Gone Now 15 plays
Gloria's step (alt. take) 14 plays
Alice in wonderland (alt. take) 8 plays
All of You (Alt. Take) 7 plays
Jade visions (alt. take) 6 plays
Alice In Wonderland 3 plays
Alice In Wonderland (alt. take) 3 plays
All Of You 3 plays
All Of You (alt. take) 2 plays
Gloria's Step (alt. take) 2 plays
Jade Visions (alt. take) 2 plays
Man's Gone Now 2 plays