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Curtis Mayfield

Top Albums

American Gangster [The Samples] 3 plays
Doggystyle [The Samples] 2 plays
Late Registration [Samples] 2 plays
American Gangster [The Samples] 2 plays

Top Tracks

Short Eyes ['American Gangster'] 5 plays
(Don't Worry) If There's a Hell Below, We're All Going to Go ['Jesus Walks'] 3 plays
Give Me Your Love (Love Song) ['Bathtub (Skit)'] 2 plays
Move On Up ['Touch The Sky'] 2 plays
Eddie You Should Know Better ['U Betta Recognize (Interlude)'] 1 plays
Future Song (Love a Good Woman, Love a Good Man) [Wale - 'MMG Under God / Heavenly People'] 1 plays
Right on for the Darkness [Remy Ma - 'Black Love'] 1 plays
Superfly 1 plays
The Makings of You (The Joy) 1 plays