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In Love With A Ghost

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healing 22 plays
discography (2016) 15 plays
discography (2015) 10 plays
gay story 9 plays

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don't cry kate 4 plays
i thought we were lovers w/ basil 3 plays
let's walk across this forest, i can feel that everything is real again 3 plays
welcome at azerty and qwerty's home 3 plays
am i a girl? am i a boy? do i really care? i'm hungry anyway 2 plays
can i be your internet crush 2 plays
chilling at nemu's place 2 plays
comet 2 plays
feeling empty inside because there's no more spaghetti 2 plays
good morning qt 2 plays
goodbye earth, i'm taking my spaceship to explore the universe 2 plays
healing 2 plays
i hope you don't mind if i come here to cry 2 plays
i know it's not easy but you're not alone anymore 2 plays
i was feeling down then i found a nice witch and now we're best friends 2 plays
introduction 2 plays
qwerty enchanted the house and now it's attacking us 2 plays
the ghost is far away but i still feel lonely 2 plays
thinking about u (jk) 2 plays
we should eat pizza 2 plays
april 1 plays
driving 1 plays
emotional birthday 1 plays
emotions 1 plays
everybody dance except me 1 plays
flowers (feat. nori) 1 plays
for you 1 plays
happy when you're not here 1 plays
hyacinth ft. mommy 1 plays
i don't know and i don't want to know 1 plays
i just loved you (w/ oiseaubizarre & tomppabeats) 1 plays
i need a cup of coffee and some bread for wake up 1 plays
i think we should break up 1 plays
iced tea for breakfast 1 plays
lovelovelove 1 plays
popstar love 1 plays
so long 1 plays
something easy ft. mommy 1 plays
sorry for not answering the phone, i'm too busy trying to fly away 1 plays
sunset 1 plays
the cat told me how to make chillout music 1 plays
today i'll try to be happy 1 plays
us 1 plays
we were friends 1 plays
we'll be together 1 plays
we're falling 1 plays
we've never met but, can we have a coffee or something 1 plays
when you think about her and your brain says no don't do that 1 plays
you fucking broke my heart 1 plays