82925 plays

Tom Waits

Top Albums

Swordfishtrombones 103 plays
The Heart of Saturday Night 11 plays
Real Gone 6 plays
Closing Time 4 plays

Top Tracks

Swordfishtrombone 10 plays
Johnsburg, Illinois 9 plays
Don't Go Into That Barn 8 plays
Dave the Butcher 7 plays
Down, Down, Down 7 plays
Frank's Wild Years 7 plays
In the Neighborhood 7 plays
Just Another Sucker on the Vine 7 plays
Shells From a 30.6 7 plays
Soldier's Things 7 plays
Town With No Cheer 7 plays
Trouble's Braids 7 plays
Gin Soaked Boy 6 plays
Rainbirds 6 plays
Shore Leave 6 plays
Dave The Butcher 2 plays
(Looking for) The Heart of Saturday Night 1 plays
Depot, Depot 1 plays
Diamonds on My Windshield 1 plays
Don't Go into the Barn 1 plays
Drunk on the Moon 1 plays
Fumblin' With the Blues 1 plays
I Hope That I Don't Fall in Love With You 1 plays
New Coat of Paint 1 plays
Ol' 55 1 plays
Old Shoes (& Picture Postcards) 1 plays
Please Call Me, Baby 1 plays
San Diego Serenade 1 plays
Semi Suite 1 plays
Shells From A 30.6 1 plays
Shiver Me Timbers 1 plays
The Ghosts of Saturday Night (After Hours at Napoleone's Pizza House) 1 plays
Virginia Avenue 1 plays