84918 plays

Samples / Donuts [The Samples]


Brenton Wood Gimme Little Sign ['Signs'] 7 plays
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles A Legend in Its Own Time ['One Eleven'] 6 plays
Africa Light My Fire ['Light My Fire'] 5 plays
Jerry Butler Just Because I Really Love You ['U-Luv'] 5 plays
Shuggie Otis Not Available ['Donuts (Outro)' & 'Donuts (Intro)'] 5 plays
The Trammps Rubber Band ['Dilla Says Go'] 5 plays
10cc The Worst Band in the World ['Workinonit'] 4 plays
B.R. Gunna Do Ya Thing ['Waves', 'Dilla Says Go' & 'U-Luv'] 4 plays
Dionne Warwick You're Gonna Need Me ['Stop'] 4 plays
Eddie Kendricks My People...Hold On ['People'] 4 plays
Frank Zappa Dance Contest ['Mash'] 4 plays
Galt MacDermot Golden Apples (Part II) ['Mash'] 4 plays
Gene Chandler Rainbow '65 (Live) ['Last Donut of the Night'] 4 plays
Gene Chandler & Jerry Butler You Just Can't Win (By Makin' the Same Mistake) ['Glazed'] 4 plays
Jackson 5 All I Do Is Think of You ['Time: The Donut of the Heart'] 4 plays
L.V. Johnson I Don't Really Care ['Airworks'] 4 plays
Lou Rawls Season of the Witch ['Mash' & 'Glazed'] 4 plays
Malcolm McLaren Buffalo Gals ['Workinonit' & 'The Twister (Huh, What)'] 4 plays
Motherlode When I Die ['Donuts (Intro)'] 4 plays
Raymond Scott Lightworks ['Lightworks'] 4 plays
Run-D.M.C. Here We Go (Live at The Funhouse) ['People' & 'One Eleven'] 4 plays
Stevie Wonder For Once in My Life ['The Twister (Huh, What)'] 4 plays
The Isley Brothers Don't Say Goodnight (It's Time for Love) (Parts 1 & 2) ['Bye.'] 4 plays
The Moments To You With Love ['Last Donut of the Night'] 4 plays
The Sylvers Only One Can Win ['Two Can Win'] 4 plays
The Undisputed Truth Walk on By ['Walkinonit'] 4 plays
The Weinberg Method Animosity ['Da Factory'] 4 plays
10cc Johnny Don't Do It ['Waves'] 3 plays
Detroit Emeralds Whatcha Gonna Wear Tomorrow ['The New'] 3 plays
ESG UFO ['Geek Down'] 3 plays
Fred Frith Kick the Can (Part 1) ['The Twister (Huh, What)'] 3 plays
Jadakiss Why? (Acapella) ['Stop'] 3 plays
James Brown My Thang ['Light My Fire'] 3 plays
Joeski Love Pee-Wee's Dance ['The Twister (Huh, What)' & 'Anti-American Graffiti'] 3 plays
Kool & The Gang Fruitman ['The Diff'rence'] 3 plays
Luther Ingram To the Other Man ['Gobstopper' & 'One for Ghost'] 3 plays
Martha Reeves Sweet Misery ['Thunder'] 3 plays
Mountain Long Red (Live) ['Stepson of the Clapper'] 3 plays
Raymond Scott Bendix: The Tomorrow People ['Airworks' & 'Lightworks'] 3 plays
Raymond Scott Sprite: Melonball Bounce ['Workinonit'] 3 plays
Syl Johnson Different Strokes ['Signs'] 3 plays
The Escorts I Can't Stand (To See You Cry) ['Don't Cry'] 3 plays
The Jimi Entley Sound Charlie's Theme ['Geek Down'] 3 plays
The Temptations Cloud Nine (Motortown Revue Live, 1969) ['The Twister (Huh, What)'] 3 plays
The Three Degrees Maybe ['Hi.'] 3 plays
Tin Tin Family Tree ['Anti-American Graffiti'] 3 plays
Beastie Boys The New Style ['Workinonit' & 'The New'] 2 plays
Mantronix King of the Beats ['Workinonit', 'Waves', 'People', 'The Diff'rence', 'Lightworks', 'The Twister (Huh, What)', 'Thunder', 'Gobstopper', 'One for Ghost' & 'Da Factory'] 1 plays