84851 plays


Top Albums

Samples of the Year 2014 318 plays
Samples of the Year 2013 245 plays
Donuts [The Samples] 177 plays
Life Is Good [The Samples] 89 plays

Top Tracks

Gimme Little Sign ['Signs'] 7 plays
Hot Day Master Mix ['Reach Out'] 6 plays
A Legend in Its Own Time ['One Eleven'] 6 plays
Light My Fire ['Light My Fire'] 5 plays
Dust to Dust ['Daughters'] 5 plays
Telegram [Common - 'Rewind That'] 5 plays
Étude Op. 10, No. 12 ['A Queens Story'] 5 plays
Goodbye Love ['Bye Baby'] 5 plays
Just Because I Really Love You ['U-Luv'] 5 plays
I'maman [N.O.R.E. - 'Built Pyramids'] 5 plays
Somewhere in My Memory (Main Title from Home Alone) [Rae Sremmurd - 'Illest Walking'] 5 plays
Tudo Que Você Podia Ser ['Don't Front'] 5 plays
The World Is Yours ['Hardknock'] 5 plays
They Said It Couldn't Be Done ['Accident Murderers'] 5 plays
Raptivity ['Back When'] 5 plays
Not Available ['Donuts (Outro)' & 'Donuts (Intro)'] 5 plays
Rubber Band ['Dilla Says Go'] 5 plays
In the Mood [Freddie Gibbs - 'Dope in My Styrofoam'] 5 plays
The Worst Band in the World ['Workinonit'] 4 plays
Brooklyn-Queens ['Where's the Love'] 4 plays
Do Ya Thing ['Waves', 'Dilla Says Go' & 'U-Luv'] 4 plays
Hold It, Now Hit It ['As the Rhyme Goes On'] 4 plays
Nº 59018 [Smoke DZA - 'I Don't Know'] 4 plays
Tiden Flyver ['Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe'] 4 plays
You're Gonna Need Me ['Stop'] 4 plays
I'm Housin' ['What a Way to Go Out'] 4 plays
My People...Hold On ['People'] 4 plays
Gentleman [J. Cole - 'Let Nas Down'] 4 plays
I Can't Stop 4 plays
Dance Contest ['Mash'] 4 plays
Golden Apples (Part II) ['Mash'] 4 plays
Knowledge ['Make Your Mind Up'] 4 plays
Rainbow '65 (Live) ['Last Donut of the Night'] 4 plays
You Just Can't Win (By Makin' the Same Mistake) ['Glazed'] 4 plays
Angel Dust [Blu - 'The Summer'] 4 plays
Reaffirmation [Black Milk - 'What It's Worth'] 4 plays
Medley: Ike's Mood I/You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' ['Reach Out'] 4 plays
All I Do Is Think of You ['Time: The Donut of the Heart'] 4 plays
Dig on It ['God Lives Through'] 4 plays
You Can't Ever Come Down [Run the Jewels - 'Oh My Darling (Don't Cry)'] 4 plays
Don't Cry ['No Introduction'] 4 plays
I Don't Really Care ['Airworks'] 4 plays
Season of the Witch ['Mash' & 'Glazed'] 4 plays
Buffalo Gals ['Workinonit' & 'The Twister (Huh, What)'] 4 plays
Peace and Love (Amani Na Mapenzi): Movement IV (Encounter) ['Two Words'] 4 plays
Let's Start Over ['You Wouldn't Understand'] 4 plays
When I Die ['Donuts (Intro)'] 4 plays
Lightworks ['Lightworks'] 4 plays
Here We Go (Live at The Funhouse) ['People' & 'One Eleven'] 4 plays
Peter Piper ['A Queens Story'] 4 plays